TL;DR Yes I was, until life got in the way in August. The L1A US visa on my passport will be a reminder of that (until I renew my passport...).

When I joined back ThoughtWorks last year the plan was to wait until I could get a US work visa and then move to the San Francisco office. At the beginning of August I finally got my L1A visa and started planning my family move across the pond. But then life got in the way and long story short I've decided to leave ThoughtWorks and a great product team.

What's next for me? a few things actually but I'll talk about them when I'll have links to share (if you are not among the people I've been bothering about this over the last month consider yourself lucky!) :-)

Since I started telling friends and my immediate network about the change I've been blessed with quite a few offers and, while I'm not going to join any company as an employee (I'm going back to being an entrepreneur as I did most of my life), I'm not excluding to accept some of the advisory-type ones.

Wish me luck!