As promised (mainly by email and IM) here is an update on what's next.

A couple of days before Christmas I communicated to the 3 companies that had made me an offer that I wasn't going to accept any and go it alone again. I sincerely want to thank them all and in particular the one that spent a lot of time meeting with me over and over to address all my questions, I know you know I didn't just waste your time on purpose and I was truly trying to understand what was best for me (and indirectly for you, surely you don't need someone in a senior position who keeps thinking "what if I had taken the other decision").

Go it alone for me means try and build a (web/mobile) product company. In fact the goal is a bit broader than that but there is really no point in wasting time and energy now on that since I currently consider the final goal to be phase 3 and, well, I need to sort out phase 1 and 2 first :-)

It's going to be a bootstrapped company in the true sense of the word and therefore phase 1 is building the (web) product while I keep doing other bits and pieces part-time to pay the bills (always a good idea, I'm told) until such time I will be able to dedicate 200% of my time solely to the product (phase 2).

I'm going to blog more about various phase 1 activities (including some possible events I'm trying to organise) here on my personal blog.

One note though: I'm not planning on publishing an endless series of posts on how I'm bootstrapping the company, how I'm following the Lean Startup approach and yadda yadda, there are plenty of those and most of them tend to repeat well known notions and similar experiences. I'd rather spend all the time available on building the company and the product.

Wish me luck! :-D