I just got back from the fourth Italian Agile Day and I'll write more on this in the next few days but I want to share with everyone an interesting Italian campaign my friend Francesco Cirillo - the oldest (not as in age :-D) and greatest Italian eXtreme Programmer - has launched:

It's called The Anti-IF Campaign (the page is in Italian)

It reads: "anti-if campaign, you can quit if you want to!"

Francesco talk at the Agile Day (about, among other things, proper Object Orientation) was funny, entertaining and full of meat as usual. Imagine a great public speaker addressing the crowd wearing an Anti-IF t-shirt and saying, while showing snippets of real code with a McCabe's Cyclomatic Index > 110, "be honest guys: you like this code, don't you!"

I believe the campaign should have international visibility and that's why I'm writing this post. Go Francesco, go!! :-)