The fourth edition of the Italian Agile Day is over! It's a free, one day conference I organise every year and for the second year in a row I managed to fund it using donations via PayPal instead of looking for commercial sponsors.

The remarkable thing about this edition is that we went from 180 attendees last year to over 260 this year!!

Some facts:

  • for the first time we moved from Milan to Bologna (part of my plan to conquer the whole country...)
  • 3 rooms for 3 parallel tracks
  • more than half the people had never been to an Agile Day before
  • Tim Mackinnon kindly agreed to be our (great) keynote speaker

  • 4 sessions for newbies
  • 5 experience reports
  • 1 three-hour long workshop on User Story writing

  • many OpenSpace sessions

  • a Futurespective on the Italian Agile Day 2010 (and 2009, and 2008)

A group of people then went for the usual post-Agile Day dinner and this is how the starters table looked like :-)


I know I say this every year but indeed it was the best edition ever even though, looking at the ideas for 2008, it's gonna lose this position in 12 months :-)