For the third year in a row I managed to organise the Italian Agile Day: a one day free conference on Agile methods. For the first time I decided to try and support the conference using donations instead of commercial sponsors. It was a bit of a gamble but it worked!

Some numbers:

  • 2 plenary sessions (at the beginning of the day and after lunch)
  • 18 open space sessions "pre-semi-organised" (first time for an Open Space conference in Italy)
  • an on-going XP Game throughout the day so that as many people as possible could attend
  • lots of space for spontaneous discussions
  • 180 partecipants

It was a great day, IMHO the best of the three we had. Of course there is a lot of space for improvement (for example all the sessions were in the same big room and it was a bit noisy, in particular when the guys at the XP Game started playing with balloons ;-) )

Thanks to everyone: speakers, supporters and partecipants. See you next year! :-D