On December 2nd I publicly announced I was leaving my beloved Sourcesense (still old website) and all my great colleagues around Europe and on January 11th I wrote about what I was going to do next. I've been chugging along on Project HD since then with a few parallel activities like organising EuroClojure and playing with DesignBump.

Today, a little shy of 4 months later, I've provisionally accepted an offer to sell Project HD and while I cannot go into any details I can safely say that it will never see the light of day, at least under this name, in its original form and with me involved.

So here I am again, a few months after having kindly rejected the offers I had back in December and decided to go at it alone again I'm back to square one :-D One thing is for sure: I will try and not take a month again to decide what to do next, December idleness nearly killed me!

What's next still has to be decided though, I'm even thinking that after 7 years in London it might be time to move somewhere else. Who knows?