I wasn't planning on writing this post for at least another few weeks but I'm receiving an increasing number of emails from people asking what's going on so here it is: I'm leaving Sourcesense (still old website, new one up soon I hope!).

Over the last 3 years I've dedicated all my energy to this great company with great people, at first solely on Sourcesense UK and subsequently across all the countries we've got offices in (UK, Netherlands and Italy). I've got to meet, hire and work with an amazing bunch of people and I know I've made new friends for life. It's been a great, at times hard and painful but overall extremely rewarding experience.

As it's often the case there isn't a single reason behind this decision but rather a number of small and notsosmall things that contributed over time. Once I realised my energy and passion was diminishing I started discussing my possible exit with my shareholders and agreed the best point in time - if such a thing exists - was going to be after the completion of a shareholders reshuffling which has now been completed.


    • are you leaving because Sourcesense is about to be closed? absolutely not and I'd argue the team is stronger than ever now that each country has roughly the same, consistent structure, the teams have gelled and there is a strong, clear shareholder structure with well defined governance and big plans for the future


    • have you been kicked out? :-D no, in fact I'm thankful shareholders and colleagues alike tried their best to convince me to stay but I honestly believe it would be detrimental to the company to keep going without the energy and focus required and my colleagues deserve better.


  • What's next? still under discussion, after 3 years with almost no time off I'm taking it easy in December, finishing off discussions with a few interesting companies and possibly take a decision before Christmas

And that's pretty much it, I really want to thank from the bottom of my heart all my colleagues for the time together and all the lessons learned.

UPDATE: the number of emails and DMs on Twitter I've been receiving is amazing, thanks a lot to everyone. Quite a few of you kindly asked if I'm interested in joining you or your company and I'm grateful for that.

As I mentioned above I've been talking to a few companies for some time now but I won't make a decision before Christmas therefore I'm happy to receive your emails but I need to ask for a favor: propose me something only if you think it's possible to meet and talk about it in the next couple of weeks. I promised an answer before Christmas to a few people and I intend to keep that promise.

Thanks again!