As I wrote here my professional life boils down to a couple of things: Agile and Open Source. Within these I've done almost everything from software development to programme management, from coaching to facilitation, including a couple of ventures as owner and CTO.

I've spent the last 3+ years mainly in London working for ThoughtWorks and that has been the most mind-opening experience both professionally and personally. It's mind-opening to work with people from all over the world (in my first project with ThoughtWorks we had 15 different nationalities) and to realise that there are enlightened people who really care about values and principles and doing the right thing. I learnt so much!

But the time has come for me to move on to new pastures and as of today I'm the managing director of Sourcesense UK, a European Open Source systems integrator providing consultancy, support and services around key Open Source technologies. Go check the website :-)

The sadness for leaving the greatest company I've ever crossed path with is today replaced by the excitement for this new opportunity and I honestly hope I'll be able to bring with me everything I've learnt in these past few years.