...and nearly a couple since my last post: either I don't have enough time to post or I don't have anything interesting to say. Probably a bit of both :-)

The truth is that I've been very busy (and happily so) with my new challenge and even though I started writing this post with the intent to do a quick recap of the story so far I've realised it would take me too long and wouldn't probably be that interesting for most of my (few) readers. So I thought I'd share only a few things that I found interesting about the business climate nowadays (at least in UK).

The biggest differences I've noticed first hand in comparison with only 1 year ago are:

  • high interest in Open Source and Open Development at C level: in the past few weeks I met 15+ C level people in Fortune 500 companies and all of them showed an active interest not only for the usual tactical reasons (a.k.a. cutting cost) but also for the more farsighted strategic ones. OK, I met them because OSS was high on their agenda in the first place but still! :-)
  • sales cycles aren't longer than usual but companies are willing to commit only to shorter engagements (with likely extensions). This looks to me like an incremental and iterative approach and having preached it for years I'm only glad to see it spreading even though it's driven by external factors (you know, the global downturn).
  • for the first time in ages companies are not that happy to pay NET 15 or NET 30. Coming from Italy where NET 120+ is the norm - if you are lucky - this doesn't bother me at all. I know how to deal with it.
  • budgets are being slashed but there are still companies who get that investing in training is one of the things that will get them out of the downturn ahead of the curve and we are in fact improving our offering in this space. See the upcoming Maven Training with Jason Van Zyl Sourcesense and Sonatype will be doing in London on June 15-16 (shameless sales plug, I know...)

Back in a couple of months! :-D