I just spent the whole weekend (29+ hours) at the first 24hrsCamp (Italian only). I hear you saying "what the heck is it?".

  1. Take a BarCamp: "user generated conference — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants"
  2. Replace conference with project
  3. Make it last 24 hours without interruptions
  4. There you have it!

Liberal translation from the aforementioned Italian website: in a BarCamp people discuss, meet, share ideas and experiences. In a 24hrsCamp people plan, organize, develop and deliver. People work towards the completion of a real project, something tangible and, in this particular case, something to help two nonprofit organizations (PangeaOnlus & Terre des hommes) launch their future initiatives online.


Working 24 hours no-stop, overnight, the whole weekend. This isn't so uncommon, especially in the IT industry. This time though we decided to do it, we organized it, we wanted to do it and we finally did it with great satisfaction! By the end of it we weren't tired for a sleepless night, we were energized and galvanized by the potential of such a concept and format. Instead of talking about mattresses and pillows we were already discussing what worked and what didn't to make sure next time will be even better.

There's a lot to say about how this was organized, the amazing cross pollination of talent and skills and the lessons learnt but it will take me sometime to write them down. Expect more on this soon :-)